How to Keep Privacy of Your Family Members When Working From Home

How to Keep Privacy of Your Family Members When Working From Home

Aug 22, 2023

As a remote working dad, there have been many situations in which my wife would walk into my camera view during a meeting. Usually this would just be for a split second, but sometimes these situations can be embarrassing for you or your spouse if they don't realise you are in the middle of a meeting with the camera on.

Your family members deserve to feel safe from prying eyes when you're in a meeting

Situations like the ones that can be seen in the video above can of course be avoided by turning your camera off, but some companies entertain policies of camera on while in the meetings, or you might feel pressure by your meeting peers to have your camera on, if everyone in the meeting does the same.

Your partner could just be walking into camera view bringing lunch, but they could also be at their leisure, and not wearing appropriate clothes, which would put them in an embarrassing situation in front of your colleagues.

How Xamera Camera's Advanced Privacy helps

With Xamera Camera Advanced Privacy mode enabled, your camera will

  • go dark when you are not the only person in camera view, so that no one can see your spouse as they accidentally walk into camera view

  • go dark when no one is in camera view, meaning your room stays private too when you walk away to pick up your mail

Use background filters to obscure your background

By using Xamera Camera you can use have a consistent look across the meeting apps you use like

  • Slack

  • Google Meet

  • Skype

  • Teams

and not have to worry wether a filter is supported or not. Xamera supports changing background with

  • solid color

  • image

  • background blur

  • background black and white blur